#11 Portada


Cover (of a CD, DVD, book, etc).
Headline (Newspaper) as in "noticia de portada"
litteraly "cover new" or I suppose it should be
something as headline? Pls. Linda, rewrite my English
explanations, I am a scientist, not a writer ! (nor
English speaker !)


  • Linda Oxnard

    Linda Oxnard - 2003-11-22

    Logged In: YES

    I think, in the case of a book, 'portada' would be 'cover'. In
    the case of a newspaper it would be 'front page' ('noticia de
    portada', I think, would be 'front page news')

    As for the 'portada' of a CD or a DVD, I'm not really sure what
    we would say in English...Hmmm...We have the word 'case'
    which is the plastic box the CD or DVD comes in, but I can't
    really think of a special word that means the front of a DVD
    or CD box...I'll think about it, but in the meantime if anybody
    has any suggestions, please let us hear them!

  • Linda Oxnard

    Linda Oxnard - 2003-11-22
    • status: open --> open-accepted

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