C Y T A D E L A ! ! ! ! !

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Sorry for my english...  :-)

    Please, don't stop !

    I was playing Cytadela on A600 1Mb,
    with 3x4 cm game window , and it was fun,
    actually it was my first 3D game ever.

    Especially one thing was ahead of time: the random enemy placing was brilliant, you never new what to expect next time behind the same doors,
    3 enemies right behind them killing you in one second or hiding somewhere in the corners...
    Compared to this all Dooms, Quakes etc. with their "fixed enemies" look were very..,
    well, without nasty words let's say : disappointing!

    I've never gone through becouse some levels happend to be a little boring,
    and much too difficult without in game save option,
    is it possible to add this option now ?

    I'd like to finish the game, so please - do not stop !

    You've got a bottle of polish vodka (or pepsi if you like...) as soon as you finish that work!!!

    Really, I promise ! ! !


    • Tomek Kaźmierczak


      I think that the in-game saving is a good idea and for example it could be possible when playing in 'easy' difficulty level.

      So I will try to add this.


      PS. I think I'll choose the vodka;)

    • Kane

      Kane - 2008-05-27

      There were 2 reasons that the oryginal game did not support saving in-game:
      - complexity (all states would have to be saved) but this can be explained only due to my inherent lazyness :)
      - play-testers reported that the game would be too easy if there was a possibility to save every now and then. I didn't agree with this as the game was d**n hard for myself :) but in the end I did not implement it.


    • Ktosiek Czytowazne

      It' ready  !
      It's working ! !
      It's alive  ! ! !

      And by the way.. , it's much TOO EASY when I play it now with the keyboard and mouse, instead of joystick,
      so 'the in game save option' is not necessary !

      Okay, so what brand of Polish Vodka do you prefer ... ? !


      PS: just one thing, how about moving the strafe keys from numeric pad to standard arrow keys ?
      PS2: or maybe not , that would make the game even more easy... ?!

    • Tomek Kaźmierczak

      Since version 0.9 you can also strafe using A and D keys (all the WSAD keys work).
      And yes - playing the game using WSAD and mouse makes it much easier;)

      As for vodka - I like Wyborowa;)


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