#6 Problem with install via Cygwin setup.exe


When trying to install Cygnome using the cygwin
installer, as explained in the installation notes, I
got an error message when setup.exe tried to download
the setup information. See attached screenshot.

I use setup.exe 2.340.2.5.


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2003-04-15
  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Cygwin setup.exe version 1.3.22-1 (latest as of today)
    can't install using
    your 'http://cygnome.sourceforge.net/install' mirror.

    Specifically it has a problem parsing one of your
    (setup.ini?) install files.

    If the install via setup.exe is going to be hard to keep up
    on, perhaps you could make installpkg.sh optionally fetch
    and install all the base libraries with wget.

    Otherwise one has to manually download each package to
    install. Nor is it clear from the downloads page what the
    minimum base install is. I assume it's everything under
    Core Libraries, Desktop, Cygnome libs ? That's quite a few
    packages to be forced to download individually...

    If I have time I'll see if I can see what the current setup.exe
    doesn't like about your (setup.ini?) and post it if I do.

    tym949 (i hate spam) netscape.net

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    Okay, looks like there was a bogus entry in the setup.ini file.

    I downloaded everything locally wiht wget, then removed

    category: Misc
    install: cygnome/setup.hint 544 94a327cea7d527988a93ce329130c379

    from the setup.ini file and now setup can parse and install
    the files.

    Problem is now it's crashing on start :( but that was win98
    which appears unsupported, crossing fingers for win2k on ntfs.



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