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Migrating to GitHub

Development of CxxTest has migrated to GitHub. Additionally, future news will be available from googlegroups sites.

See the CxxTest home page:

Posted by Bill Hart 2012-11-12

Moved to

CxxTest is under new management. After being idle for several years CxxTest is getting some much needed attention. All new development has move to

Posted by Kevin Fitch 2008-09-01


I haven't looked at the postings on SourceForge for several months (maybe a year) and now I see all the postings for the first time. Sorry for the delay, but I've starting working on all your requests. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Posted by Erez Volk 2003-09-21

CxxTest 1.10.3; No more release "news"

I released CxxTest 1.10.3 which improves the syntax in ValueTraits.h (thanks Tom Moers!)

I've also noticed that these update announcements are pretty tedious and useless, so this will be the last one.

Posted by Erez Volk 2002-08-07

CxxTest 1.9.0

Also fixed typo in sample/Makefile.PL

Posted by Erez Volk 2002-06-23

CxxTest 1.8.0

Stable version 1.8.0 Released

Posted by Erez Volk 2002-06-23