#6 Visual Version Diffs

Chris Rudd

It would be very nice if it supported version diffs ( like
viewcvs/cvsweb ) as i could then dump those slow
programs and use this 100%.


  • Adam Kennedy

    Adam Kennedy - 2003-01-21
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  • Adam Kennedy

    Adam Kennedy - 2003-01-21

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    More specific please.

    Define Visual Version Diffs.

    CVS Monitor currently displays diffs for a single version to the previous
    version. Do you mean to arbitrary versions?

  • Chris Rudd

    Chris Rudd - 2003-01-22

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    Sorry for the vauge-ness... I mean a side by side visual
    diff. ( like in viewcvs/cvsweb ) where you can see the full
    ( or partial ) file w/ color coded removed, changed, added
    markups. rather than in raw diff format.

  • Sam Minnee

    Sam Minnee - 2004-03-11

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    The original poster was obviously more interested in the
    visual rendering, but diffs between arbitrary versions are
    very handy.

    A potentially good interface for could be as follows:

    You currently have "v0.5.3 -> v0.5.4" in the header of

    If you put < and > controls around each of those numbers,
    you could browse by changing both the "from" and "to"
    revision #s. Alternately, 2 dropdowns would work as well.

    if you do 2 dropdowns, include both the revision # and the
    commit date in a dropdown - i'm frequently using ViewCVS to
    answer questions like "what's changed in the file over the
    last 2 months"


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