#114 compiling WinCVS on VS.NET 2003

WinCvs (90)

Noticed a few people have been trying to compile
WinCVS on VS.NET 2003 so thought I'd submit patches
to show how.

You need to do the auto conversion of the
projects/workspaces, then fix these (based on trunk
which I think is 2.0.3 ?).

NOTE: does not work with the XP SDK - you need to
use the SDK that came with VS.NET 2003. I'll try and
look at the XP SDK later.


  • Arthur Barrett

    Arthur Barrett - 2006-02-06


  • Jerzy Kaczorowski

    • status: open --> pending-fixed
  • Jerzy Kaczorowski

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    I changed the patch to make it a bit cleaner, hopefully it
    can compile on VS.NET now - let me know if not.

    Fri Feb 10 2006 Jerzy Kaczorowski <kaczoroj@hotmail.com>
    * WinCvs 2.0.3
    - PATCH #1424894 - VS.NET compilation changes,
    modified patch by Arthur Barrett <abarrett@march-hare.com>

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