#112 Improve diff of multiple files with Araxis Merge

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This is a bit off-topic, still some users could find it useful.

I use Araxis Merge for finding differences in text files.
When diffing multiple files, I have to wait before the last file
gets diffed until I can start reviewing the diffs. The reason is
a "feature" of Araxis Merge that puts every new comparison
to front even when the user currently works on a
comparison. Especially when diffing many files this slows
work very much. I wished I could review the diffs in the first
file while WinCvs loads the other files I selected.

The purpose of the script attached is simple: Wait until
Araxis Merge gets inactive, then diff the files that are given
as arguments and activate the Merge window. For the first
file, the script starts Merge immediately. For the second,
third, ... files, every instance of the script waits for Merge to
get deactivated. After deactivating (or closing) Merge, all
waiting instances launch their diffs and terminate.

To use it, enter its full path in the "External diff" textbox in
the "WinCvs" tab of the "Admin"/"Preferences..." dialog.

The script uses Merge's COM interface. Due to the
interface's simplicity, a solution like "wait until the current
comparison gets deactivated" doesn't seem to be possible.

Please feel free to use it.


  • Kirill Müller

    Kirill Müller - 2005-10-12
    • priority: 5 --> 2

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