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Special request for output filtering:

Currently it is not possible to let "cvs update" be always quiet (-q) but let other commands always be verbose. Anyway it is not possible to suppress output lines beginning with "?" (ignored files) but let other output intact.

If I update a big directory tree the important output (which files were updated) is hidden between a large number of directory listing entries ("cvs update: ...", orange) and another big list of ignored files ("? ...", brown).

It would be nice to have output like this supressed. WinCVS seems to classify the output by color. This could be very helpful for hiding those lines.

I would like to use this feature by default, and temporarily use some "do not filter output" setting in special situations.


  • Stefan Bertels

    Stefan Bertels - 2007-09-07

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    Some more thing which is quite related:

    Currently WinCVS displays two types of messages in orange which are quite different in importance:
    1. The directory listing ("cvs update: Updating <folder>")
    2. Removed files ("cvs update: `<file>` is no longer in the repository")

    I didn't test with -q (should remove only the first type), but that is no option anyway (see other comment). But the second type should be in some stronger color (cvs deletes file from my local system, that seems as important as Updating/Patching to me)!

  • Stefan Bertels

    Stefan Bertels - 2007-09-07
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