#1006 Problem with WinCvs v2.1.1.1 (build 1)

WinCvs (709)
Nuno Passos


My OS is Windows 7.

I have a problem with WinCVS program. I am trying to login but the mouse
cursor is thinking but not log into the repository. I tried with an older
version of WinCVS 1.2 and works fine with that version. Is there any
solution for this or there is some version compatible with Windows 7?.


  • Nuno Passos

    Nuno Passos - 2011-04-08
    • milestone: --> WinCvs
  • Nuno Passos

    Nuno Passos - 2011-04-08
    • assigned_to: jerzyk --> nobody
  • Luigi D. Sandon

    Luigi D. Sandon - 2011-06-08

    Upgrade to (build 1). I use it with 7 without issues.

  • Nuno Passos

    Nuno Passos - 2011-06-08

    I forget the last update than I made on my WinCvs, but the problem continue same. Basically what happens is that option in Admin -> Login to the repository WinCVS becomes locked and does anything, but when I cancel the transaction Login this message appears:
    sys: 1: RuntimeWarning: Python C API version mismatch for module _cvsgui: This Python has API version 1013, module version has _cvsgui 1012.
    This message has something to do with the problem of Login to the repository: ... Moreover any type of operation is always locked.


  • Nuno Passos

    Nuno Passos - 2011-06-08
    • summary: Problem with WinCvs v2.0.2.4 (build 4) --> Problem with WinCvs v2.1.1.1 (build 1)

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