#3 cvsfs at kervel level for /etc


I think it would be a great milestone in Linux system
administration if /etc could be mounted via cvsfs at
boot time. A kernel parameter should select the version
to mount. What do you think about it? -lorro,


  • Petric

    Petric - 2002-12-16

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    This may be a usage for that.
    There are some problems to be solved before.
    1. The cvsfs daemon must run before any versioned access to
    /etc can be done. For example /etc/fstab are accessed
    actually earlier. So the start of the daemon must be part of
    the boot process before any runlevel is to be activated.
    2. The cvs repository is accessed via the cvs-pserver
    protocol via the network actually. Somebody have to write an
    other layer for the cvs access and integrate it into cvsfsd.
    3. I haven't tested the kernel module to be compiled into
    the kernel. It may need some fixes to work.

    As i am actually to only active developer on this project it
    will take some time to solve the problems listed above. Also
    my time is currently highly limited.
    So - other developers are welcome.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Could one possibly put all the requirements and scripts for
    mounting a cvsfs onto an initrd/initramfs, perhaps?

    I can definately see this being useful for administration of
    a whole whack of machines at once.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I thought about it, but there are a couple of problems.
    At first the network must be up before cvsfs is able to use
    it. So at least a basic /etc must exist.
    This is like a thin client setup (obtaining a NFS root file
    system over network).

    I haven't had time to evolve the cvsfs driver in the past
    and it seems to be the same the next months.
    Especially the adaption to the latest fuse version is

    If somebody is willing to contribute he will be welcome.

  • Petric

    Petric - 2006-02-20

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    Requirements for initrd is:

    1. Established network (device up)
    2. fuse in kernel
    3. cvsfs started (is a user mode app)

    Actually cvsfs expects to contact the cvs repository via a
    cvs pserver over the network (therefor the network
    requirement above).
    If it have to access a local cvs repository directly the
    code have to be rewritten. Especially the code to obtain a
    'directory listing' of the files inside the cvs repository
    is the main problem of cvs.

    Actually cvsfs is not able to access a cvs repository
    directly (over the filesystem) on a local disk - it always
    uses the network layer.
    For me it seems not to be too hard to recode the source for
    direct file access, but actually i have very less spare time.

    Any volunteers ?


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