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cvs.sources repository

There is a new dynamic cvs.sources repository up and running at, this will eventually become the primary location.

Posted by Douglas Thigpen 2001-10-17

cvs-get 0.2 released - Big Changes

cvs-get 0.2 now uses a cvs-get.conf file to store all user variables, includes support for grabbing multiple remote cvs.sources files and merging them into a single local cvs.sources file, removed the use of wget in favor of libwww-perl, and generally cleaned up the code a bit.

Posted by Douglas Thigpen 2001-10-07

cvs-get cvs available

cvs-get cvs is available, this version has some preliminary package management features included.

Posted by Douglas Thigpen 2001-10-05

cvs.sources file restructured

Did a major restructuring of the cvs.sources file in 0.11, this will allow me to add in all sorts of neat features in the future and allows me to add in descriptions for all cvs modules and list them when a user invokes "cvs-get list".

Posted by Douglas Thigpen 2001-10-04

Project moved to Sourceforge

cvs-get has been moved from it's home on to

Posted by Douglas Thigpen 2001-10-04