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Java development is going on

The next version of CVGA is growing up. In few months it will be available. Sorry for the long delay occured.

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2005-04-14

Java version on CVS

While we are developing the new java version of the application, we are keeping an updated version of the current source code in the CVS repository. The module name of the unstable release is called "current" and can be downloaded also by non-developer. To have a more precise idea on how to do it please read the documentation.

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2004-09-19

Soon the java release

I write this news to inform everybody about the state of the next release.
Soon it will be ready, it is based on a MySQL as DBMS and it is all written in java using Swing for the GUI.
The first version that will come out to the light will implement just the same operations of the last version written in Visual Basic, just some conceptual different into the DB design.
I hope that this version will be ready before the 16th august 2004 so that we will improve it from the beginning of september.
For the moment there is a always up-to-date version in CVS's "current" module.

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2004-08-04

Next release

is passed a long time after the last new and after the last release.
I have tested CVGA into a shop and I have noticed new little problems with it. I will correct them and I will finish all unterminated details of the application. This operation will bring us to the 1.0 release that will be the last written in VB and using Microsoft Access database.
I have decided to change a little bit the way to walk of this project. I think that we need to spend a little time also thinking about a multi-operating systems release.
We are thinking about java but we are not really sure. There is also the solution to use C, GTK+ libraries and MySQL as database.
We are thinking about a good solution to give birth to a new good application able to substistute the existent.

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2004-05-04

Bug in version 0.2.0 replaced with version 0.2.2

Sorry, just a little bug into 0.2.0 version doesn't let "Show Video Games" window to display goods in stock. I have resolved the bug and now I have published a new version (0.2.2) without this problem.
Thank you for you attention.
Emiliano Marin.

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2004-01-15

Finally out 0.2.0

Ok, now it is ready! The really multilanguage version is out.
I have changed many thing inside the source code to let other people to understand it. Then I have deleted two operations: excel file creation and statistics about the good in stock.
I am sorry but now I'm thinking about a new structure of the program that will allow to use this software on different OS and on many computer...
In the next weeks I'm going to write something about the things I have got in my mind to expand and enhance this software.
Emiliano Marin

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2003-11-28

Rewriting the code

Hi, I am sorry for this long period of apparently inactivity. I am rewriting the code to make a better work in the future...
I'm evolving the multilanguage and I hope to finish in few weeks.

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2003-11-27

Finally out 0.1.47-multilanguage!

Hi! Today I have released the multilanguage version of CVGA. I have released only the source code because we need more work to have an efficent software. I will work the next days on this modifications. For the moment, I will upload also the italian dictionary. Any one who want to translate it to another language will help the software. Thank you very much. Soon you will find the next version more configurable.

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2003-07-11

New multilanguage version

Hi, during the second half of july I will work on CVGA using the knoledge of Rubens about dictionary in VB. I will give the possibility to every one to translate from a language to another. Then I have got in mind different ways to print reports and different ways to manage files. I will remove xml files and I will use only txt files for store easily good-in-stock. Then I'm thinking about a client server architecture to let more than one computer to have access to the same database and manage good-in-stock from different shops. I hope you will be enough faithfull to wait for this innovations.

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2003-06-30


Hi, this night (italian time) will be on line the new version of CVGA. New feature and new logo. Download it!

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2003-02-04

First realease

The first stable release of CVGA is out. There are two packages avaible:
source code package;
setup package.

Posted by Emiliano Marin 2003-01-18

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