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Closing the project for good

Well, it was a nice ride. I had fun working on this but I need to move into something else and the fact that Mitre is changing the format of their CSV files (is several ways) is the perfect excuse to do it.

I added some small fixes on CVS, related mostly with compilation errors.

Anyway, feel free to drop a note if you're interested to work on this project.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-10-24

Working on the project again

Yup, after all this time I decided I will retake coding on the project; There are some changes comming:
1. General code cleanup. Yup, there are some little nasty things in there.
2. Changes on the importer and the database schema. The CVE mitre project is changing their format, now the CAN word is being dropped and an extra field is being added. The database schema will relfect this changes and the rest of the code too. Sorry, no backwards compatiblity as I haven't got any feedback on who is using the system out there.
3. General improvements. Yup, will provide more installers (besides RPM), will cleanup the test cases, and will use tag libs among other things to improve the project.... read more

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-10-09

Looking for developers

The first stable version is out. If you know how to program in Java, then you're invited to help.

Drop me a note and we can arrange something :)

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-03-27

CVEBrowser launches it's first stable version: 1.0

Yes, after all this time I finally have a version for you to try; Hopefully over time small bugs will be discovered and fixed so the software is more stable. Right now the version works as intended and I hope it is usefull to the whole community of system administrators out there.

Enjoy and don't forget to report the bugs.

Jose V Nunez Z.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-02-11

Fixed looks of the project, only documentation is missing

So far the project works pretty well, and I'm more happy with the way it looks on my computer.

Now I will focus on getting the documentation done.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-02-10

New screenshots, new mock screens

I decided to improve the looks of the project, so I used a CSS stylesheet. Now it looks much better, so I had left on the files section a new mock screenshots and also captured the screens.

I already changed the JSP but I need to test if it works, if so I will do a new file release.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-02-09

New fully functional beta released

Well, at last a fully functional beta was released. Still appearance and navigation require work, and the user manual is half done but at least now you can play with the search engine.

Please let me know if you find any Bugs so I can fix them.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-02-08

New screenshots released

Yup, the project is not waporware!. Look at the (very simple) screenshots to get an idea of what the search engine looks like.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-02-06

Big code cleanup

I'm focused on cleaning the most outstanding bugs before the next file release. If interested and cannot wait, check the CVS repository.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-02-06

Changed PGP key for the project

Yup, saddly I lost the original one so I uploded a new one. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause to you.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-02-04

Working on the project again

I did some cleanup on the project building and scripts; The only usable part of this release is the tools, the web part code is finished but ussage of the new database connection pool is untested. Also the documentation is incomplete.

I plan also to do smaller releases from now on. All the changes of this release are also on CVS as well.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2005-02-04

Code cleanup continued

In the next days I'll be working on cleaning up the code; So far I fixed some memory leaks (still more to go), removed not needed imports, fixed the build to make it work bettwe with the Sun Web services JDK.

The last two months has been a killer for me; I'm re-designing my company network arquitecture, moving our development network to a new provider, designing a new firewall cluster, migrating all the databases (prod and dev) to a new version, hiring more people to help me out.... read more

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2004-11-04

Refactored RPM build process

Now all the RPMS were merged together into a more simple and easy to manage RPM spec file. Also several bugs on the search engine were fixed and the changes were commited to CVS.

There is still a bug on the test cases for the web engine and also the custom connection pool will be removed to use instead an external JNDI connecting pool.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2004-09-07

Several bugfixes resolved

I fixed several bugs related with the basic search engine, the RPM packaging and the unit tests. Now I'm working to fix all the bugs with the servlet that calls the search engine to then finally move to the last steps before the first release.

Moralle of the story: have a RAID1 machine or good backups!.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2004-09-03

Working on the final projects for release 1.0

It has been a nightmare for the last 2 months; I have been without a laptop for almost 2 months, just when I was almost finishing the last details of the project. Some of the code was never commited on CVS so I have to rewrite those pieces from scratch (yeah, the last backups were 2 weeks old).

Also I was busy getting my third Java certification as Java Web Component Developer. I passed, thanks to this project.... read more

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2004-08-22

Project delays, my laptop is dead

Yup. This is the third time I sent my laptop to CompUSA for repairings (defective hardrive). Has been almost two months without it and the other one (a Toshiba) has only Windows, so the final touches will be delayed until I got my machine back.

I'll keep you guys posted.


Posted by Jose V Nunez 2004-07-11

CVEBrowser reach beta status

The project now is on beta status. The basic functionality works and the only missing part is the navigation among results on the lower part of the search engine.

No RPMS yet, if you want to get the lastes changes you will have to use CVS. This week hopefully this last piece of the software will be added and the beta RPMS will be released.


Posted by Jose V Nunez 2004-05-31

New Alpha and Beta releases

The search engine is still not complete (I'm full hands on my daily job rigth now) and because a lot of people doesn't use CVS to access the code I decided to make it available as a file release.

The command line tools code can be considered beta, but the documentation and the web search engine still require a lot of work.


Posted by Jose V Nunez 2004-01-18

New Mr. Project posted

The Mr. project file has been updated with the new tasks to be done for the project in order to get the beta published!.

Here is a direct link if you're interested:


Posted by Jose V Nunez 2004-01-05

Beta release delayed, new date to be posted soon

If you were following the release date of the beta version of the search engine, you noticed than no new releases have been made on CVS nor to direct download; The last month was a very busy one for me and also I decided to take a well deserved vacation to visit my parents :).

I will update the new milestones on the Mr. Project file soon and hopefully the Beta code will be available for all to test and play (there is a lot of new code, but I havent put any of it on CVS).... read more

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2003-12-29

CVEBrowser makes it to the directory, code update

Now CVEBrowser is listed on the directory:

I'm working rigth now with Cactus to test servlet code. Hopefully will commit it on CVS soon, stay tunned.


Posted by Jose V Nunez 2003-11-21

New code submited to CVS: search engine, validator

This is a big update. A candidate release of the search engine is now on CVS, plus some modifications to the XML i mporter wich now is more resistant to bad XML data.

Hopefully in the next couple of days the web search engine (finally) will take form.

For those interested in the code, check the CVS repository.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2003-11-10

Project web components started, Httunit and Cactus

The development of the web components has started; Some basic components are ready (like the connection pool and the data validators) and others are under way.

Also the project will start using HttpUnit and cactus to test the server side components more appropiately (i feel than using mock objects will not be very helpfull this time).

I hope to have something on CVS soon, stay tunned.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2003-10-25

New RPM and sources released, small security fixes

Now the RPM and Jar files are signed (using keytool and GPG). Also changes were made to the documentation showing how to check the certificates of the application.

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2003-10-12

Security audit, code changes

The application development will keep moving foward; Still a better integration between the Java code and the command line applications is required.

I will drop Bash for Jython as the main scripting languaje on the project for the following reasons:

- Is hard to validate input for file names, etc. Python gives you several tools for free.
- Better integration between the scripting part of the project is required. The ability to use the existing Java code is critical.
- Bash is too tied to Unix. Jython will allow the project to run better on Windows (if there is enough demand for it, thats it).... read more

Posted by Jose V Nunez 2003-10-08

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