Project status + touch problem

Niels E
  • Niels E

    Niels E - 2009-01-10


    Is this project still alive? Are bugreports worth filing?

    I can't get touch to change file dates over ftpfs, can anyone suggest alternatives?


    • Jurij Kienbaum

      Jurij Kienbaum - 2009-01-10

      It could be a problem of the new version of FUSE.
      For me this was definitely the case. User root, after curlftpfs successfully connected, could not access the mount point with write-rights. Read-access was possible. I have opened the bug-report on that matter:

      I hope this helps.


    • Niels E

      Niels E - 2009-01-10

      I can read and write, but it's not completely clear to me which user the command is actually being run from. It could be a problem with my server.

      However, I managed to solve my actual problem in a different way.

      Thank you for your answer.


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