#1199 bring hiperfifo example up to date with current libevent

Myk Taylor

The libevent functions that the hiperfifo.c example uses have been deprecated. I updated the example to use the new APIs.

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  • Myk Taylor

    Myk Taylor - 2013-02-27

    builds on previous patch, fixes up spacing, style, and cleans out a useless data item

  • Daniel Stenberg

    Daniel Stenberg - 2013-03-10

    First, the "cleanup" patch makes the code use less curl-style than before, which seems a bit odd to me. I don't like it.

    Second, is this "new API" what is sometimes called libevent2 ?

  • Daniel Stenberg

    Daniel Stenberg - 2013-03-10

    The functional change was merged in git commit ad361d109bb3, thanks a lot!

  • Daniel Stenberg

    Daniel Stenberg - 2013-03-10
    • status: open --> pending
    • assigned_to: Daniel Stenberg
    • milestone: -->
  • Daniel Stenberg

    Daniel Stenberg - 2013-03-12
    • status: pending --> closed-accepted

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