Anonymous - 2003-01-29

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it seems that it has something to do with nested scopes..

if so, you should get 4 errors like the following (first
thing after start) when you run the script:
../curator/curator:2280: SyntaxWarning: local name 'envir'
in 'main' shadows use of 'envir' as global in nested scope

after a little research, this is what i found somewhere:
- Python < 2.1 doesn't have nested scopes; you'd have to
play tricks with lambda IIRC; but then, I consider Python <
2.1 obsolete
- Python 2.1 has nested scopes, if the first import
statement in a module is "from future import nested_scopes".
- Python 2.2 and later always use nested scopes

so upgrading to python2.2 or using the import statement from
above will *likely* fix it (that's what it did here at
last). with this "fix", it now works flawlessly over here,
and the HTML-pages are generated. i'm happy :)

kind regards,