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scanning - problems with speckle on white / black areas

There was a bug in kodakaio that caused speckle on areas of strong colour or no colour.
This is fixed in kodakaio 2.5.1 (now in the git version of sane-backends and should eventually be in the official release of sane-backends 1.0.25)

Posted by PaulN 2014-09-07


This is the proper release of version 2.7
It is identical to c2esp27~rc3 apart from the name

Posted by PaulN 2014-01-26


rc3 is the same as rc2 with some tidying to reduce the number of compiler warnings

Posted by PaulN 2014-01-18

Check your distro does not have c2esp or kodakaio before you download

Several distros (eg Debian, Ubuntu) now include these packages, or they are available to install in the repositories.
Generally it's easier to get the distro's version to work than to install a download from this site.

For scanning I strongly reccommend that you get the latest version from git, not the older version here.

Posted by PaulN 2013-02-02

Cxxx series - colour

I found some bugs so c2esp21~rc2 may now work with colour
Let me know what happens

Posted by PaulN 2011-10-28

Cxxx series - colour

c2esp21~rc1 attempts to introduce 600dpi and colour options

Posted by PaulN 2011-10-18

ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu 11.10 now includes c2esp (not the version for the Cxxx printers)

Posted by PaulN 2011-10-15

Development plans

I have been working on a significantly different version of this driver with dithering which improves the appearance of photos significantly. But I have a lot of problems getting it to work with large pictures.

So I may release an interim version to fix the bugs: missing top and bottom, red being rather orange, change to help compiling in fedora, and 6x4 photo paper problem.

Posted by PaulN 2010-09-26

Release 08

Release 08 has no funtional difference from 07.
It has some mods to the makefile to allow the deb package to build correctly.
The deb package is much easier to install if your system can handle debian packages (for example in ubuntu, just download the package and double click it)

Posted by PaulN 2010-05-09

New release 07

release 07 should fix a source of segmentation errors

Posted by PaulN 2010-05-07

New release 04

Main new features are: Less memory use, and draft mode

Posted by PaulN 2010-04-12

Please report your sucess/failure

We've had 33 downloads so far and no forum posts or help requests. Does this mean everyone had no problems? or could no one get it to work?
Also, I'd really like to hear if you got it to work with a printer other than the ESP 5250

Posted by PaulN 2010-03-22

New release 03

New release 0.3 has added dependency checks during installation, and the( not quite right) foomatic db files have been removed

Posted by PaulN 2010-03-22

New release 02

Release 02 has a neater user interface for changing between colour and B/W, and less clutter in the release folder

Posted by PaulN 2010-03-15

Initial status

We have a driver working to print black and white and colour on an ESP 5250 printer, over the wireless network connection from ubuntu.

Files should soon be available

Posted by PaulN 2010-03-11