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XPP 1.5 released!

New features: Preview of images (PNG, JPG) in the file selection dialog, job control options like job scheduling, job name, page labels, update of widgets for CUPS standard option to match the current CUPS version (1.1.22), nput field for extra options, upport for numerical and string options of Foomatic 3.x, support for fax number option of fax4CUPS

Posted by Till Kamppeter 2004-12-09

XPP 1.1 released!

XPP is a light graphical printing frontend.

I have released XPP 1.1. Support for PPD-O-Matic PPD files, "natural-scaling", and no function overloading any more (should now compile better on commercial Unixes). See

Posted by Till Kamppeter 2002-01-29

XPP 1.0 released!

I have released XPP 1.0. Support for instances, banner pages, raw printing, and more. See

Posted by Till Kamppeter 2001-01-29

XPP has moved!

The XPP home page is now on SourceForge. Its address is now.

Posted by Till Kamppeter 2000-10-02

XPP 0.7 released

New features: Support for numerical options in PPDs of, main window is resizable now, optical enhancement, password dialog fix for CUPS 1.1.3.

Posted by Till Kamppeter 2000-10-02

KUPS-0.8.0 released

This is a major released, designed ro KDE2. It adds many new features along with a new CUPS daemon configuration tool.

Posted by Michael Goffioul 2000-09-27

QtCUPS-1.1 released

QtCUPS-1.1 is available for download. This release adds support for numerical options in CUPS-O-MATIC driver files.

Posted by Michael Goffioul 2000-09-27

XPP 0.6 released!

  • Full support for password-protected printers
  • More info in printer list
  • No printing with conflicting options
Posted by Till Kamppeter 2000-08-20

QTCUPS-1.0 released

QTCUPS-1.0 has been released. The main change is Qt-2 support (however it can still be compiled with Qt-1). This release also adds some minor bug fixes and improvements.

Posted by Michael Goffioul 2000-08-18

XPP 0.5 released

A lot of new features: Margin setting for printing text files, HP-GL/2 options, "Reverse" landscape/portrait, window does not close when there is a printing error, selectors on "Basic" tab coupled with PPD options, display of instance names, display of destination types when no PPD file is available.

Posted by Till Kamppeter 2000-08-16

QTCUPS-0.2 released !

QTCUPS-0.2 has been released. This release adds some new features like a new PPD configuration widget and PPD constraints support. See QTCUPS home page for more detail (

Posted by Michael Goffioul 2000-08-10

XPP: Version 0.4 released

This version has no new features, but the compiling on machines with GL is improved. The README contains instructions now how to compile the code which contains an overload of a CUPS library function.

Posted by Till Kamppeter 2000-08-09

QTCUPS site created

QTCUPS site just created. It provides a basic description and some screenshots. Go to

Posted by Michael Goffioul 2000-07-26

QTCUPS : new front-end for CUPS

QTCUPS-0.1, first public release, hase been made available on CVS, on FTP site and as a module. QTCUPS includes a intuitive graphical front-end for CUPS which allows the user to set any printer option, and also a development library which allows developer to easily provide CUPS support to a Qt application as the "QCupsPrinter" class has the same interface as the classical "QPrinter" class.

Posted by Michael Goffioul 2000-07-25

XPP 0.3 released!

XPP 0.3 is available for download now! New features are for example: Usage of GNU Automake/Autoconf, support for image position option, "Printer Independent" tab replaced by two tabs ("Basic", "Advanced"), minor fixes.

Posted by Till Kamppeter 2000-07-23

XPP - now on CVS and http

Posted by Till Kamppeter 2000-07-11

cups-drivers 0.3.6 released

Release 0.3.6 of cups-drivers (was cups-filters) is released.
It includes a lot of printer drivers and is a must if your printer is not PCL or PS compatible.
You can find it at

Posted by Jean-Eric Cuendet 2000-07-06

XPP : A graphical replacement for command line LP

You'll find XPP at

Posted by Jean-Eric Cuendet 2000-07-06

Sources available via CVS

"CUPS related stuffs" project is now available via CVS. 2 modules are available : kups and cups-drivers. Both have been significantly improved since latest release. We are working quite hard to make a release soon...

Posted by Michael Goffioul 2000-05-20

KUPS Needs Help From Anyone That Owns a Printer...

In order to make a printer database for KUPS to automatically install them, KUPS needs your help! Everyone that owns a printer can help! If you are not a developer, you can help too, no need to know C/C++!

What you can do:
- send me the file /proc/parport/X/autoprobe from your machine where X is the parallel port number where your printer is connected. ( If there is no dir in /proc/parport, try a modprobe parport_pc. Then parport should be installed and a dir 0, 1 or 2 should be present.
- send me the PPD file you made to make your printer work with CUPS
- if you have no printer working with CUPS, send me a PPD that matches your printer description.
- if you haven't any, send me only the autoprobe file... read more

Posted by Jean-Eric Cuendet 2000-02-08

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