#48 CU_run_test seems not to return error code on test fail

Core Issue (23)
John Pye

My code makes direct use of 'CU_basic_run_test' to run multiple user-selected individual test cases as specified on the command line. However, it is hard to correctly aggregate the results of this, because CU_basic_run_test seems to return 0 even when there have been failed assertions.

1. ascend/solver/test/test_ipopt.c:86 - index != -1

Run Summary: Type Total Ran Passed Failed Inactive
suites 28 0 n/a 0 0
tests 69 1 0 1 0
asserts 6 6 5 1 n/a

Elapsed time = 0.010 seconds
Result code: 0
Result: No Error.


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    Anonymous - 2011-03-26

    Possibly related to bug 2907041.

  • Anthony C

    Anthony C - 2014-10-14

    I believe this is not a true bug
    Seems you are using that return incorrectly, CU_basic_run_test as with other API calls of that nature returns framework status.
    You can access the run summary and run results from other API calls like CU_get_run_summary or CU_get_number_of_failures



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