#12 Mapmodels are not so solid...


I haven't tested it a lot, but I think that collision isn't detected for all bullet types and mapmodels. I say this because I saw, on one map, an "ice ball" passing through a bridge.

Maybe there are other bugs related to this, but I really don't know, as I haven't tested it deeply.



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    Since anyone here dont say anything then i suggest its your
    graphic card :(

    the good new's is you can hide and shoot in the map model's
    such as you are a ghost good for cheating in MultiPlayer man
    if it is possible to turn my player into a ghost to enter the
    wall's and model's will be fun the editor key reset's anything
    so it is bad i prefer a noclip command does't reset the map
    just like the editor key

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    I have a nVidia Riva TNT2 card. (I am the one who submitted the bug).

    I tested a little, and concluded that only enemy bullets collisions are not detected. Player bullets have collisions well.

    My test was: make some terrain a little high, an put a brigde next to it. Put a monster on top of terrain, and then I stayed at bottom, waiting for monster fire at me. Or I may put the monster at bottom and I stay on bridge (so, monster will fire upward).

    I discovered that:
    - monsters do not walk on bridge (or, they do not walk on any mapmodel)
    - monsters' vision is not affected by mapmodels.
    - monsters' bullets are not affected by mapmodels.

    I tested with knight, baul and ogro. Tested only on DMSP mode.

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    sorry, a typo. I meant I have tested in SP mode, not DMSP.


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