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CsvJdbc registered for CloudBees FOSS Free program

CsvJdbc has been registered for the CloudBees FOSS Free program in order to obtain a free, public Jenkins continuous integration instance for unit testing.

Posted by Simon Chenery 2013-06-28

CsvJdbc reaches 300 unit tests

CsvJdbc is heavily regression tested. There are now 300 unit tests to help ensure that the software continues to work exactly the way it was intended to and ensure that new releases do not break existing behaviour. Follow the 'Jenkins CI' link on the CsvJdbc home page ( https://mfrasca.ci.cloudbees.com/job/csvjdbc/ ) to see the real-time test status.

Posted by Simon Chenery 2013-03-12

new active developer

welcome to Simon Chenery (simoc) and many thanks for his bug reporting and fixing! soon a new release with his work.

Posted by Mario Frasca 2011-10-17

new jar

I just uploaded a new version of the driver.
it supports prepareStatement (request has been open since 2004)
and can now use xBase files as well as csv.

Posted by Mario Frasca 2011-04-22

home page updated

I had prepared a few months ago but always forgot to put it online, an update homepage for this project. it describes some of the new properties added the last 5 years! have a look at it and comment. all corrections will be welcome!

Posted by Mario Frasca 2010-11-23

1.0-3 is the latest stable

I made a mistake while producing the jar that I released as 1.0-2.
1.0-3 should be all right.
I'm very sorry for any inconvenience, it will surely happen again! :)

Posted by Mario Frasca 2010-06-08

release often, release early

there's a small addition to the library: support for files with more than one header line. the addition allows you to look at the multiple headers as a transposed table (the new property TransposedLines tells the driver how many columns are present in the transposed table, that is, how many lines are in the header). I promise, I am going to write some sample-driven documentation for this!

Posted by Mario Frasca 2010-06-01

version 1.0 released

FINALLY we have a new released version.
This contains a lot of new work, so even if it is being actively used by my users, I do expect it to contain new bugs in parts that my users don't need.

what the new version contains?
first of all: a rather decent parser for the WHERE part of your SQL queries.
second: binary operations in the SELECT part.
then bug fixes, additions, tweaks, properties...... read more

Posted by Mario Frasca 2010-05-19

CsvJdbc release 0.10 now available !

The long awaited release is now available. Has a number of bug fixes and enhancements. Check out
for more information.

Posted by Jonathan Ackerman 2004-08-10

CsvJdbc release 0.9 now available

New release with code improvements, new features and minor bug fixes.

Check out http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=17973&release_id=134797

Posted by Jonathan Ackerman 2003-01-20

CsvJdbc release 0.8 now available

This release contains minor bug fixes an a couple of enhancements. Check out the release notes for information.

Posted by Jonathan Ackerman 2002-06-17

CsvJdbc release 0.7 now available

Added a number of new features to the driver, namely the ability to:

* specify the separator to use
* suppress headers (for files with no headers)
* specify the file extension for the data file
* get metadata for result sets
* read values with line breaks in them (not tested yet)

Posted by Jonathan Ackerman 2002-01-03

New Team Members Join The Team

Sander Brienen & Juan Evora have joined the project !

Posted by Jonathan Ackerman 2001-11-12

CsvJdbc release 0.6 now available

This release contains some bug fixes.
Project has been updated to Production/Stable state.

Check it out !

Posted by Jonathan Ackerman 2001-05-24

CsvJdbc release 0.5 now available

A read-only JDBC driver for Java that uses Comma Separated Value (CSV) files as database tables.

This version implements the basic functionality and is usable. Check it out !

Posted by Jonathan Ackerman 2001-01-24

Home Page Up

The completed CsvJdbc home page is now up. Check out http://csvjdbc.sourceforge.net

First source code and first release coming soon.

Posted by Jonathan Ackerman 2001-01-22

Project Started

Just got the project set up. Will be putting up the first release shortly.

Posted by Jonathan Ackerman 2001-01-10

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