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cssed 0.4.0 released

A new version of cssed have been released, featuring more modularity and internal improvements, that resulted in a more usable and stable application.

These improvements resulted in a better pluggable interface, that allowed us to add Python scripting to cssed through plugins. This makes easy to extend cssed to fit most needs, writing scripts in a high level language as Python.

Posted by Iago Rubio 2005-11-24

cssed-0.3.0 release

This release features lots of improvements, specially: better highlighting for more languages, a plugable interface, and various changes for much better usability.

Posted by Iago Rubio 2004-10-10

CVS statistics

The cssed project is being update daily in CVS, and the statistics are to 0 caused by changes in CVS infrastucture.

SourceForge's team reported "CVS statistics are suspended pending go-live of the new CVS infrastructure". You can read the report http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=807095&group_id=1&atid=200001 to know how things are going with this issue.

Posted by Iago Rubio 2003-12-10

RPM package

Now there is a new RPM package for cssed. Kreg Steppe reported problems with the cssed-def.xml file. The file was not found by cssed in his system on cssed startup. This issue must be solved copying the cssed-def.xml file in the $prefix/share/cssed/data directory to the user's $HOME/.cssed directory. I can not reproduce this problem in RedHat9 systems.

The $prefix directory is usually in RedHat systems in /usr or /usr/local but can be in any other as /opt in BSD systems. This is a user defined directory.... read more

Posted by Iago Rubio 2003-12-10

Bug in about dialog

One bug in the about dialog, causes cssed to segfault if you push the "credits" button. This bug is solved in CVS and a new file release will be uploaded shortly. Meanwhile avoid to see the cssed credits in the about dialog box. Thank you :-)

Posted by Iago Rubio 2003-12-10