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libsoap 1.1.0 released

This release includes some bugfixes and is recommended for all projects using libsoap

Posted by Ferhat Ayaz 2006-07-25

cSOAP 1.0.4 release candidate 1 released

cSOAP 1.0.4rc1 released. It supports also the win32 platform now. in version 1.0.2 this feature was very experimental.

Posted by Ferhat Ayaz 2005-07-24

Version 1.0.0 released!

This first release can be compiled simply on POSIX systems incl. Cygwin.
It comes with client and server library.
This library was implemented regarding the SOAP 1.1 spec.
Not all functions of SOAP 1.1 are available. With your tests and helps, this will be better in the futute.

Please read also the tutorial :

Posted by Ferhat Ayaz 2004-02-06