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Chiwis CS Gallery Manager 2007 beta 2 released

Changes in 2007 beta 2:

-Disconnect button
-Restores previous layout on startup
-HTTPS webservice support
-Set default startup folder and open folder in windows explorer through context menu
-Preview local images in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer (Win XP) or Windows Photo Gallery (Vista)
-Preview gallery post in default web broswer
-Context menus for severside options
-Log and Cache files now written to the Common Application Data folder (Vista Fix)
-Show log files option in help menu
-Clear thumbnail cache button in Settings
-Enhanced image resizing, now per queue item
-Resize images on the server
-Gallery Service version check on connect, provides download link to required version
-Fixed bug in deleting of gallery posts
-Drag and Drop support for; local files and folders to gallery albums
-XStandard WYSIWUG Editor for descriptions

Posted by Duncan 2007-08-14

Version 2007 beta finally released!

It took a while but I got there.

Changes include:

* Requires Chiwis Gallery Service v1.4
* Connection Manager with multiple connection support
* New Layout, My Computer / My Server
* View/Edit/Rotate images serverside
* Blog features have been temporarily disabled
* Local Computer folder and file sorting fix
* Basic XMP Metadata support for Subject, Description and Tags

Posted by Duncan 2007-08-08