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Binary Packages Available

We finally have binary packages available for both Linux and Win32 platforms. These should work with a recent CVS version of Crystal Space.

Posted by John Harger 2002-09-25

Future direction of SHFP

SHFP is ready to progress towards 2.0. With this we plan to improve on the physics and responsiveness of the code itself as well as focus on adding features to the base code set to make the process of table design easy for new people to get into, as well as make it easy to add more tables to the system. Along these lines we'd like to make the distribution process easier by producing binaries which have everything necessary to play, build new tables and import those made by others. For developers we will be switching the make process from standard unix make to jam. Jam is much cleaner to use and has already been put into place by Matthias Braun. If you would like to help develop the pinball code base or would like to get involved in developing new tables, join the mailing lists available in the Summary on this site.

Posted by Daniel Duhprey 2002-08-30

Super Happy Fun Pinball Wins CS Competition

SHFP won the Crystalspace contest. Thanks to Jorrit and the rest of the developers of Crystalspace for the opportunity and for a superior graphics engine. The fact that we could put SHFP pinball together so quickly with only 2 of us is a strong recommendation to the power of CS.

Posted by Daniel Duhprey 2002-08-30

Pinball released

This is the first playable version of the game. It contains a simple table, and a high score window.

Posted by Daniel Duhprey 2002-08-15