#86 NI_FPGA_PPG not executable

Dietrich Beck
Dietrich Beck

Symptoms: Can't use precompiled FPGA code in CS

Cure1: Make sure you have LV2009 >>>SP1<<<< installed.
In LabVIEW to Help->About.
If the version number is 9.0.1 you are fine.
If not, please install SP1

Cure2: There seems to be an issue, that FPGA bit-files compiled on one PC can not be used on other PCs. Maybe this has something to do when LabVIEW is installed on a different drive. The easiest is to recompile the FPGA bitfile. Please refer to the information below.

Description for Integration of FPGA at Isoltrap
Maintainer: Christopher Borgmann
Date: 24.01.2011

- Open NI-FPGA_PPG.lvproj and acknowledge path changes.
- Open FPGA_PPG_resource_handler.vi and fix the VI Reference (bitfile) on the front panel and if necessary on the block diagram.
- If the VI_Tree.vi is still not executable and you get the error-message "Read/Write Control:[state]control/indicator cannot find valid Type Definition", you have to recompile the target. Steps:
- open FPGA_target_main.vi and make sure it is executable (probably SP1 necessary).
- compile via right-click -> Compile.
- Check that VI_Tree.vi is executable now. Maybe you need to fix the VI Reference again as decribed above.


  • Dietrich Beck
    Dietrich Beck

    • status: open --> pending
  • Dietrich Beck
    Dietrich Beck

    • status: pending --> open