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Happy birthday 0.1

0.1 is released,

Posted by Georg Schild 2007-03-01

Second Release Candidate for 0.1 is out

We are almost done for 0.1 but before that we have to wait for the next Qt Jambi beta and some stories from x4x. So test!test! :). More information is on

Posted by Georg Schild 2007-02-05

Beta1 is out for public testing

We are happy to finally release the first beta of Xwidgets. Check news on the project page for more details and get the tarball :)

Posted by Georg Schild 2006-11-22


Current state is: We have an architecture!! :D. We moved the SWT part to some useful architecture and started to implement QT as the other "heavy to implement" part of XWidgets. Therefor we had to change also the current way Layouts work, but it looks good. Still far away from a release

Posted by Georg Schild 2006-05-24