#207 Give base cloaks AC bonus, also spare keys

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Robes give an AC bonus of 1, presumably for the visual cover they provide the character. Cloaks should do the same because they, too, provide visual cover. This would also require magic cloaks all being given a +1 AC, as they provide visual cover PLUS the protective enchantment. Also, the old Apartments (including Stoneville ones) should be given the option of spare keys, eviction and restoration of keys (for when a character quits/is gone for over a year). Email sixthflyingman@gmail.com


  • SilverNexus

    SilverNexus - 2014-06-05

    Cloak used to (1.11-era) give the ac+1 you seek here. I'm assuming it changed due to balance issues (cloak of minor protection also gave only ac+1, and thus was fit only for selling).

    I'm sure the spare keys and old apartment tweaks could be done should someone take the time to do so.

  • SilverNexus

    SilverNexus - 2014-06-05
    • status: open --> analyzed
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