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Christian's Tetris / News: Recent posts

Release V2.1

Hello guys,

today we released V2.1 of the tetris game. The new features are:
- #3161920 added possibility to play with two players

- #3193386 added possibility to define the size of the stones via properties file

The biggest point is, that you are now able to play the game with one of your friends, against each other.
That is also one of the points that we will work on the weeks to come. Because unfortunately it is a bit tricky to get the two player mode working on a Linux machine. So we want to improve the behaviour of the game on Linux, therefore we will use Ubuntu for development.... read more

Posted by Christian Rösch 2011-05-08

Release V2.0


I'm glad to present you the release 2.0. It contains several requirements:
- #3139971 changed structure of data stored in score file
- #3164044 changed package structure to convention
- #3164730 added key for speeding the stone up
- #3187534 added new mode for being able to play an advanced game

We are now working on some more features. But for now, enjoy playing!


Posted by Christian Rösch 2011-02-20

Release V1.7 Fix 2 (1.7.2)

You may wonder why we made so many releases in the last days. There are two small fixes that we wanted to share, because they may disturb anyone.

The first one is, that stones sometimes didn't stop at the last row, so that you couldn't move them. And the second thing has to do with the focus policy in the window where you submit your score. We wanted the focus to be in the field for the user name.

And after you submitted the score the focus might still have been on the button, so that the short-cuts didn't work. We changed that, so that the short-cuts - especially CTRL+N - should work in each state of the program.... read more

Posted by Christian Rösch 2011-01-24

Release V1.7 Fix 1 (1.7.1)

We've just released fix 1 for release 1.7. It contains bugfix for #3163857 which contained encoding problems with the instructions.

AND two Russian language files that make the game accessible for Russian gamers too!

Enjoy playing!

Posted by Christian Rösch 2011-01-22

Release V1.7

The decision was made to release the version 1.7 instead of waiting for 2.0.

I'm lucky to release this version and hope that'll make playing the game a better experience. The version contains some bugfixes and improvements of the GUI.

Please feel free to leave us a comment, we would be pleased to read your feedback!

Thanks in advance,

Posted by Christian Rösch 2011-01-21

Release 1.6.1

We've just released 1.6.1

In comparison to V1.6 it just contains a French language file, but no bug fixes or program changes.

I have to say that I got help, zagnut8 will help me with the project and we are now working on V2.0 which will contain several bug fixes and an improved appearance which will contain support for different colour schemes.

Hope you enjoy our work :)


Posted by Christian Rösch 2011-01-18

Version 1.6

Today the version 1.6 has been made and I'm lucky to say that this would be one of the last releases of the first version of "Christian's Tetris".
I'm already working on the second version of the Tetris which will include different color schemes and hopefully some more useful features.

The last topics of the first version I resolved in version 1.6 were:
1. Moving the location of the language files, so that everyone can easily modify its content.
2. Adding the ability of something like a statistic, so that you can set in the to have a statistic after a game of the count of fallen stones. Could be interesting.... read more

Posted by Christian Rösch 2010-12-29