#287 Nook Simple Touch permanently stuck on "options" screen in full-screen mode

All platforms

I have Cool Reader installed on a rooted Nook Simple Touch. The Cool Reader's "back" button on options screen is not functional. Therefore, if full screen is enabled and the Nook status bar is not visible, Cool Reader becomes unusable. It gets permanently stuck on options screen. It is impossible to go back, or to switch off the full screen mode, or to change any other options.

To replicate

  1. Start Cool Reader on a rooted Nook Simple Touch
  2. Choose "Menu" - "Options"
  3. Note that the Nook's status bar is visible, and it has its own "back" button. There is also a "back" button next to the "Options" header in Cool Reader, but touching it doesn't work.
  4. Tick off "Full Screen"
  5. Now press "back" button on the Nook's status bar
  6. Cool Reader goes to home screen. The "full screen mode" setting is saved. Now the Nook's status bar is invisible
  7. Choose "Menu - options" again
  8. Cool Reader is now permanently stuck. There is no button to return to its home screen. The only option is to press the "n" button on the nook, go to the list of running apps, and kill Cool Reader. However, this means that any option changes are lost. Thus, it is impossible to untick "full screen mode" or change any other options