#275 Warper Overhaul

diffs vs svn


Note, this is just my take on it; feel free to tweak some things for balance. I wasn't really able to do much more than error checking in-game as I don't think SF wants me using their shell server to play a video game for a week or so. =)

Notes from the patch:
Subject: [PATCH] Warper Overhaul - Renamed to Arcane Marksman

Missile Changes
electricity missiles are now an option - they are always destroyed
reaping / dispersal ammo is now always destroyed as it can be created by players
poison ammo can again affect rocks / bullets etc - still no nets. Apparently
this is a contact poison, but mainly it's to close the gap between sling users
and archers.

Ranged weapon 3
Dodging 2
Spellcasting 2
Enchantments OR Translocations 3

Scroll of blink
Some ranged weapon options as Hunter
No melee weapon!
Either book of elemental missiles or warped missiles

The book of Elemental Missiles

Spells Type Level
a - Corona Enchantment 1
b - Swiftness Enchantment/Air 2
c - Repel Missiles Enchantment/Air 2
d - Flame Ammunition Enchantment/Fire 3
e - Frost Ammunition Enchantment/Ice 3
f - Poison Ammunition Enchantment/Poison 4

The book of Warped Missiles

Spells Type Level
a - Apportation Translocation 1
b - Portal Projectile Translocation 2
c - Repel Missiles Enchantment/Air 2
d - Blink Translocation 2
e - Returning Ammunition Enchantment/Translocation 3
f - Warp Ammunition Enchantment/Translocation 5

The book of Devastating Missiles

Spells Type Level
a - Poison Ammunition Enchantment/Poison 4
b - Warp Ammunition Enchantment/Translocation 5
c - Shocking Ammunition Enchantment/Air 5
d - Haste Enchantment 6
e - Deflect Missiles Enchantment/Air 6
f - Exploding Ammunition Enchantment/Fire/Air 7
g - Reaping Ammunition Enchantment/Necromancy 7


  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Just from reading this, this is amazing. Reaping and exploding ammunition should definitely be lower leveled, though.

  • johnny shelley

    johnny shelley - 2009-11-15

    With 3 school requirements, exploding could probably be reduced to 5 or so. I think reaping is OK where it is though.... potentially getting a powerful pet bumps the power scale on that spell fairly well. I'll let whoever decides it's merit balance it as they see fit,.


  • Jude Brown

    Jude Brown - 2009-11-15
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Jude Brown

    Jude Brown - 2009-11-15

    Thanks! Most of these are either in trunk now, or will shortly be in trunk, so closing.


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