#262 Rain clouds/new cloud type

diffs vs svn
Jude Brown

Another new cloud:

Rain is a 'harmless' cloud in the sense that it does no damage.

For the player: It acts as a negative enhancer for fire magic, it will reduce the duration of and prevent you from casting ring of flames.

For monsters: "fiery" monsters (defined as monster->is_fiery(), orbs of fire, efreets, etc) will take a small amount of damage from the cloud, shaved by AC. They'll also avoid rain clouds above shallow water, unless they can swim/are amphibious or flying/levitating.

For environment: dissipating rain clouds will leave behind shallow water on empty floor tiles (1 chance in 5, lower if there is lava nearby, higher if there is deep water nearby). If there is already a shallow water tile there, there's a 1 chance in 5 (on top of the initial check) if increasing it to deep water. It will never increase deep water in such a way that the player would drown, though it can drown some monsters (who will, as mentioned above, avoid shallow water with rain above it).

Once again, would appreciate "<X> is really wrong and breaks things" comments.



  • Jude Brown

    Jude Brown - 2009-10-07

    Diff to current HEAD.

  • jpeg

    jpeg - 2009-10-07

    I can see two applications for this:
    1) Make Feawn's Rain power call rain clouds instead
    2) Flavour-only effect if David's suggestion of having ziggurats surrounded by glass walls and clouds is ever implemented

    I don't think they should ever occur randomly, though polymorphing clouds could have a low chance of creating clouds of rain.

    2) isn't important right now, but 1) needs to be discussed. It would be really powerful if the clouds block los (like fog, but as an invocation, thus potentially infinite) plus the rain creating obstacles. It's probably too powerful.

    I wanted to assign this to caotto, but apparently that isn't possible. :(

  • Jude Brown

    Jude Brown - 2009-10-07

    Regarding Feawn's ability: my idea was that it would work as-is, but occasionally (perhaps at higher invocation levels or even piety), place a single rain cloud instead of water.

  • Charles Otto

    Charles Otto - 2009-10-11

    I pushed this, I'll take a look at adding rain clouds to Feawn's power sometime later this week.

  • Charles Otto

    Charles Otto - 2009-10-11
    • status: open --> closed
  • dpeg

    dpeg - 2009-10-11

    Thank you!


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