#2808 [0.6.0-a1-645-ge430f98] Crawl Finding non-local .des files


Win XP - non-tiles

I have recently installed the recent version of Crawl from crawl.develz.org (as I have done countless times) & encountered an odd bug on startup.
It seems like Crawl is looking within parent directories while looking for the 'dat' directory when it scans the .des files. I noticed this because I always install the Crawl ref builds in new directories inside the main install of 0.5 I have on the same machine. It finds the .des files in the parent directory and as there have been some changes will not load (without either moving the install or renaming the 'other' dat folder) with the following message -

"D:\stone_soup-0.5\crawl-e430f98\../dat/minitomb.des:316: unknown monster: "brown snake zombie"

This is a little misleading as the path it gives is not the one to this file (D:\stone_soup-0.5\dat), though it helped that this .des file has been given a new name in the recent builds so I knew it could not be one of the .des file in the local dat directory (D:\stone_soup-0.5\crawl-e430f98\dat).
While it may be thought you shouldn't install in this manner I do not feel that it should be an issue as a)I like it b) others may do so and NOT know what the issue is & c) it should only look in the 'local' directory (if present) IMO


  • Xeno

    Xeno - 2009-11-17

    To clarify a) - I do NOT like having 'parallel' installs, in my mind the recent builds are 'children/subjects' of the current release. Your mileage may vary.

  • Xeno

    Xeno - 2009-11-17

    hmm, actually it IS the right path I read the '..' as an ellipsis instead... I feel a little sheepish now. Oh well the rest stands.


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