#50 subunit TestProgressListener


ubunit (http://www.robertcollins.net/unittest/subunit)
is a little API I wrote to make xUnit tests executable
across a process barrier. I've extended subunit (1.10.2)
(CVS was down) to allow people that are
using subunit to run their tests execute cppunit based
tests via subunit. This is nice because it lets them
use any of the pyunit test runners - guis, IDE
integration etc - and still write their C tests in C
with check. (Also, one can write a C parent-side engine
for subunit, but currently its only available as a
python parent).

I'm putting the patch in the subunit source code
for any of the subunit users to use, and am attaching
it here.

There are no unit tests for this - I could not find
existing unit tests for TestProgressListeners, and
didn't want to invent infrastructure just for that. I
have verified the code by hand though, FWIW.


  • Baptiste Lepilleur

    Logged In: YES

    Could you make tarball or zip of subunit available for
    testing ? I'd rather not download every single files to test it.


  • Baptiste Lepilleur

    • status: open --> open-postponed
  • Robert Collins

    Robert Collins - 2006-06-30

    Logged In: YES

    Hi, that URL is a 'bzr' branch - you can grab the content
    using 'bzr branch
    http://www.robertcollins.net/unittest/subunit'. I will put
    up a tarball when I get home in 2 weeks... currently I'm on
    the wrong side of the planet.

  • Robert Collins

    Robert Collins - 2009-08-13

    Hi, this was marked postponed - it still applies and works. What do I need to do to help out with it?

  • Baptiste Lepilleur

    • assigned_to: nobody --> blep
  • Robert Collins

    Robert Collins - 2009-11-23

    Subunit's home page is now https://edge.launchpad.net/subunit, there is a tarball you can download, or you can get the current trunk by 'bzr branch lp:subunit'.

    I've turned this patch into a subunit-built cppunit plugin in subunit 0.0.3. It may make more sense to keep it there as subunit is perhaps extending its API more at the moment than cppunit. What do you think?


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