• Michael Breuer

    Michael Breuer - 2009-06-09

    I think I found a Problem in the Makro which creates the Testsuite.
    I detect a memoryleak with my Visual Studio 8.

    What dit I do ?
    1 Made a class with a suite() function
    1.1  in this function I dynamically create a TestSuite

    1.2  I add a Test to this suite.

    1.3  I add some Tests of a class() // This works without Memoryleak

    1.4  I tried to replace these tests by adding the suite generated by HelperMakro // makes Memoryleak

    2 Add the suite to the runner

    When I directly use step 1.4 and 2 it works I get the same Problem.
    Examine the location of the Memoryleak it poits to ::getTestNamer__()

  • Michael Breuer

    Michael Breuer - 2010-01-28

    Using Testclasses with a size >15 characters in Makros causes this problem.
    When makeing a suite without using the makros there is no problem.
    I fixed it by renaming my testclass to a short name (<16 characters) and using makros.


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