Y.Zhu - 2012-03-06


I'm trying to register CPPUNIT_TEST(MACRO_TESTNAME); where the MACRO_TESTNAME expands to my expected testname, but it fails by expanding to
context.addTest( ( new CppUnit::TestCaller<TestFixtureType>( context.getTestNameFor( "MACRO_TESTNAME"), &TestFixtureType::testName, context.makeFixture() ) ) )

Could some one please give a suggestion?
btw, I'm pretty sure the function is registered but under a different name. I tried the following:
Running unittest with -t suitename, I see that the unittests I created did ran.
Running unittest with -t suitename::testName, i get
No test named <suitename::testName> found in test <All Tests>.
With -t suitename::MACRO_TESTNAME i get
Error: No test named <suitename::MACRO_TESTNAME> found in test <All Tests>.

Any suggestions, please? Thanks!