Any active development? VS 2010 support?

  • Matthew Krauski

    Matthew Krauski - 2011-01-17

    Is there any active development going on with CppUnit?

    blep, do you plan on any more formal releases?

    How about adding VS 2010 support?

    My organization has invested in C++Test, a commercial unit test tool with similar syntax as CppUnit. I am hesitant to directly implement all my unit tests using a commercial tool with ongoing license costs, so I would like to evaluate the use of CppUnit and test and its integration with C++Test. (C++Test documentation suggests it supports direct use of test written using CppUnit syntax/macros.)

    To get started I need VS 2010 support.

    If CppUnit is being actively supported, I can put in the effort to add 2010 support and promote it back to the repository.

  • Michael Mzik

    Michael Mzik - 2011-01-25

    I am pretty sure that Baptiste spends all his time on the CppUnit-2 project over there on launchpad..

    But I would be interested in VS 2010 support too.. maybe we both could get it done? Let me know if you are still interested..

  • Andy Dent

    Andy Dent - 2011-01-26

    I've moved over to using Visual Assert with the WinUnit syntax, for all my tests that are driven by Visual Studio. It is integrated into VS to the point where I can run a single test or group and the test creation syntax is also simpler, without the redundant declarations of cppunit.

  • Eric T.

    Eric T. - 2012-02-17

    I have a Visual Studio 2010 implementation of 1.12.1.  Send an email to erict  powersoft  ca to get a copy.

  • DKonigsbach

    DKonigsbach - 2012-02-17

    We have also just done a Visual Studio 2010 implementation with 1.12.1, and would be happy to share our experiences or offer help:  dkonigsbach  drsys  com.

  • Lance Kind

    Lance Kind - 2012-03-30

    This is the 5th time I've coached teams using CPPUnit and they have trouble getting the build working on VSXXX.  Usually it's too old (VS 6.0) or too new (VS 2010).  Now I'm working with a team on 2010 and would like to leave them with an MFC test runner to help their adoption of TDD.  If anyone can share their work with me in this area, that would be awesome!

    I'm curious why no one has checked in their changes so the Internet can benifit?  Mabye the change controls are too hard or has anyone bothered?  I want to check this in as I'm sure I'll need to work with another team in this area in the future. 


  • Eric T.

    Eric T. - 2012-03-30

    @lancerkind: Good question - I'm not sure why I didn't check in (I might not be allowed, but I have no idea).  If I was the project leader, I wouldn't want people checking in until they've proven themselves. I did send a note to baptiste but never received a reply. I've made my work available at:
    For the record, I've switched to Boost.Test, because I couldn't get CppUnit working on Linux.  But Boost.Test has issues too. I'd prefer CppUnit, but I needed something that works on both Windows and Linux.

  • Bitwise

    Bitwise - 2013-01-09

    This is an old thread, but the 1.12.2 files in the repo support VS2010, and there is a batch file which builds an msi file (based on VS2010) that you can distribute.


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