Is it possible to "decorate" per Suite?

  • Bob Anderson

    Bob Anderson - 2002-05-02

    The status report of one dot per test method, with no indication of what Suite is running seems pretty lame, but I can't figure out a way to show the name of each Suite as it executes.

    Any suggestions?


    • David May

      David May - 2002-10-08

      So there is a bug in the TextTestProgressListener. First you need to fix the bug, then you need to add the text:


      ** FIXING THE BUG **
      In file src/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.cpp
      a) Add #include to <cppunit/Test.h> (this is so that you can access the test parameter in the functions)
      b) on line 38, change the function name from done() to endTest( Test *test )

      In file include/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.h
      c) on line 27, change function from done() to endTest( Test *test )

      This will actually change the behavior so that each dot will be followed by a newline (even worse) but leave it if you want to make the changes in the next section.


      In file src/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.cpp on line 23, change from:
         old:  "."
         new: "running " + test->getName() + " ... ";



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