2005 .NET add-in? anywhere/one

  • kenneth

    kenneth - 2007-10-07

    im looking for an add in to vs 2005 .net, that let me insert a new testcase,
    like inserting any other class, basically the h and cpp files, with the right
    defaults code in them. 
    does anyone have made such an extension to 2005 ?
    thanks in advance

    • kenneth

      kenneth - 2008-03-23

      I made one myself, being very inspired of the native c++ wizard, in 2005.
      All i did was basically to rewrite the jscript to make a test suite, with a voi testCase() operation in it, and a setUp() and tearDown().

      placed it in a namespace and in a hierachy, and registred the testsuite in the cpp-file.

      it took some time to figure out, but documentation of the c++ model is 'good' for 2005.


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