STL container problem

  • Dag Blakstad

    Dag Blakstad - 2002-11-22


    I am having a problem with using the containers in STL, when the code is compiled with cppunit 1.9.10. When my code is compiled without cppunit, objects are added as expected.
    When I compile the same code, executed by a cppunit unittest, the objects are not added.

    I use Borland C++ Builder 6.0, and compile the whole project against the old stl version supplied with it. This is specified with the #define _USE_OLD_RW_STL.

    Can someone explain why objects are not added to sets, vectors, lists etc, when compiled and executed with cppunit

    Dag Blakstad

    • Dag Blakstad

      Dag Blakstad - 2002-11-26


      I was messing around with some pointers, and was adding to a copy of the container...

      Dag Blakstad


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