• Rolv Seehuus

    Rolv Seehuus - 2001-10-04


    I could make a Qt-testrunner in an evening or two. Anybody else who wants it, or isn't it worth it?

    • Baptiste Lepilleur

      I've already written one, but I need some help to make a library out of it
      (how do you configure TMAKE to do that), and configure TMAKE for the Unix side.

      Once this is done, we can integrate it into CppUnit dist.

      Last snapshot is available at:


      • Rolv Seehuus

        Rolv Seehuus - 2001-10-09

        Put this in your tmake project file:

        TEMPLATE = lib
        TARGET = testrunner

        #Perhaps some version info:
        VERSION  = 0.0.1
        DESTDIR  = lib/

        #for windows:
        DLLDESTDIR = bin/

        win32:DEFINES  += _WINDOWS QT_DLL WIN32

        I think that should do the trick, both for windows and linux. (I haven't looked in your source yet, though. Get back to the issue when I've done so.. )

        • Baptiste Lepilleur

          Thanks. I've been able to generate both a static library and a DLL for window (on a dummy test project). For the DLL, I need to do the usable (_decl(export) before class declaration for VC++). How does it works on Unix ?


    • Jan Suchotzki

      Jan Suchotzki - 2001-12-13

      is the Ot-TestRunner working? If so, where can I get it?
      I will need it for Linux.



      • Baptiste Lepilleur

        In the current CVS HEAD, src/qttestrunner, and
        examples/qt for the example.

        Notes that the .pro need to be adapted to unix (include path and library for cppunit).


    • Jan Suchotzki

      Jan Suchotzki - 2001-12-14

      Hi and thanks for the fast answer!

      I can't try because the companies firewall blocks my cvs requests. Maybe I can check it from a terminal behind the firewall.



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