Hanan - 2009-09-02


We have some test suites (almost 700 test cases) running on Fedora core 5 and using cppunit 1.12.0. From time to time, the test suite hangs for a very long time after running a test, just before showing the test result.

We used some timing diagnostic code in our source code and it seems like it hangs in the cppunit library.

After some investigation, we set a timing trace as the last line of code in a test case, and one timing trace at the very begining of the teardown method.

The tearDown method that is called automatically by the cppunit library for clean-up. No code from our source is called between the 2 calls. Note the 5 minute time elapsed before calling the tearDown and after having completed the testCalculate method.

End testCalculate method at 2009-Aug-26 12:09:03.438364
Start tearDown method at 2009-Aug-26 12:15:04.405758
End tearDown at 2009-Aug-26 12:15:04.406052
: OK

Any hints?