arushi - 2011-01-30

(1) Downloaded ECUT plugin R1.0-M2, which one can download by opening in the browser (or by navigating to it starting at
(2) Extracted the file.
(3) In the extracted folder, there is another .zip file. Extracted that too. This created a folder called net.sf.ecut.update-site.
(4) In Eclipse, went to Help > Install New Software.
(5) In the Work With text box, put the absolute path of the net.sf.ecut.update-site folder.
(6) Clicked the Add… button.
(7) An entry for ECUT  appeared in the list. Checked the box next to it.
(8) Clicked Next (at the bottom of the window).
(9) You are asked to review the items to be installed. Checked "Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools CppUnit support" under Name, under Version, and under Id. Clicked Next (at the bottom of the window).
(10) I was presented with a license agreement. Indicated that I agreed to the license, and clicked Finish.
(11) A Security Warning message box comes up, warning you that you are able to install unsigned content. Clicked OK.
(12) After the installation completes, a Software Updates message box recommends restarting Eclipse to apply the changes, and render ECUT usable. Click Yes.
i was able to install the ECUT plugin after locating it locally but now I dont see "ECUT" under Window -> Preferences -> C/C++ -> ECUT . Also the CPPUnit library location shows "There is no CppUnit library selected. Executing test case may not be possible." I had installed cppunit on my laptop in Ubuntu in home folder. But there is no such GUI for CPPUnit although I ran a test to check whether CPPUnit was installed and it succeeded.
It would be really nice to know why ECUT entry is not showing as well as the library path for CPPUnit. I checked installation of CPPUnit by typing a program on my Ubuntu terminal and running it with CPPUnit. It works. But there is no ECUT entry on Windows->Preferences. Please help.