Cppcheck-1.63 has been released.

The .cfg files are needed by cppcheck. Either put them in a subfolder cfg
where the binary is. Otherwise compile cppcheck with CFGDIR to specify an
arbitrary path where you put the
.cfg files.

New check:
* Using pointer addition result in condition 'if (p+1)' - either a dereference
is forgotten or it depends on UB (the result is only 0 if there is overflow,
which is UB).

Improved checks:
* Leaks - ignoring return value of allocation function
* Uninitialized vars - check how uninitialized malloc data is used
* Rewritten 'calculation in sizeof' using syntax tree
* Rewritten 'clarify calculation' using syntax tree
* Rewritten 'logical disjunction' using syntax tree
* Rewritten 'duplicate expressions' using syntax tree
* Rewritten 'invalidFunctionUsage' that uses the *.cfg files

* Library files can be enabled in the project dialog
* Suppressions can be specified in the project dialog

* Cppcheck is now continuosly scanning all the source code in the debian archive.
Results: http://cppcheck.sourceforge.net/devinfo/daca2-report/daca2.html
* Fixes of templates handling, hangs, crashes and false positives

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2014-01-04

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