New checks:
* arithmetical usage of inf/nan result
* suspicious usage of comma in return statement
* sizeof(void)

Improved checking:
* better simplification of strlen
* improved handling of array member variables 'x[y].z..'
* Specific improvements in checks for buffer overruns, format strings, uninitialized variables

Command line:
* Using both --max-configs and -D. Normally when -D is used, Cppcheck will only check the given configuration. By using --max-configs also, you can tell Cppcheck to check more configurations.
* Added --library and --check-library.

Graphical user interface:
* Somewhat improved response when stopping checking

Cppcheck core:
* Extending checking with configuration files. Cppcheck has internal knowledge for standard C/C++ functions. Knowledge for libraries and environments can be specified using configuration files.
* Rules: added <tokenlist> that allow you to check 'raw' code and 'normal' code. In the 'raw' code, the comments and #include are already taken care of, but the #define statements can be analysed.

Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2013-08-03

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