Cppcheck can now analyse source files that are UTF-16 encoded

Faster checking. Some projects, for instance sqlite, is much quicker now. The difference when checking other projects is not big.

Removed deprecated command line options -s, --style, -a, --all, --auto-dealloc, --test-2-pass.

Improved C code analysis. Better analysis of unknown types etc.

New check: comparison of modulo results that are always true/false. For instance: if (x % 5 == 5)

Improved checks to detect more bugs:
* improved array index out of bounds (#3893, #3907)
* improved double deallocation (#3895)
* delete non-dynamic memory (#1773)
* missing break in switch (#3794)
* member variable not initialized (#3801)
* improved checking of format string parameters
* improved 64-bit portability when returning pointer/int

For more details, see this page:


Posted by Daniel Marjamäki 2012-06-30

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