This release has many fixes and enhancements.

We deprecated the inconclusive checks. The "possible error" and "possible style" are not available anymore. From now on we will only work on fully conclusive checks.

Command line:
* Since we removed all inconclusive results, the "--all", "-a" and "--auto-dealloc" are deprecated. These flags can still be given but they don't have any effect.

Improved checks:
* Array index out of bounds
* Buffer overflow
* Unused variables
* Variable is assigned a value that is never used
* uninitialized variables
* dereferencing null pointers
* memory leaks
* division by zero
* function that can be const
* operator=: assignment to self
* redundant condition

New checks:
* Performance: Warning when checking if string is empty with strlen
* Using fflush on stdin
* passing invalid values to standard math functions

Core improvements:
* Better handling of pointer aliasing
* preprocessor fixes
* handle calling conventions, register and inline better
* better variable handling

Posted by Anonymous 2010-05-08

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