Michael Uman - 2005-04-22


I have tried to create a RPM for the libccgnu2 package. I have version 1.0.12. I tried to use the .spec file which was included by running 'rpmbuild -bb commoncpp2.spec'. This fails... I removed all other packages {devel and extras} and still I have a problem. The problem is, after extracting the tarball and building the library, and copying the files to the RPM_ROOT directory, the rpm-check phase rejects the build. The complaint is 'Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found.'.

Does anyone have any pointers to build the RPM package, or if they have done so and have an URL I can download it from can I have it please?

I have a package which I have built a RPM for, but for some reason it is saying that the dependency for libccgnu2 is preventing the install without forcing it with the '--nodeps' option.

Thank you,
Michael Uman
Software Engineer
Sigma Designs