#183 unable to build under linux-mingw


It is not possible to build the common++ libs under

What I did:
/configure --target=i386-mingw32 --prefix=/opt/mingw
--with-mingw --host=i386-linux-gnu

After a while the linking of the library fails while
the order from the libs is wrong in libtool. -lgcc must
follow -lmingwex and not in visa versa. After fixing
that the linking is successfull.

Next problem occur in xml.cpp. I found no trick to ship
around. So I simply
removed all xml entries in the src/Makefile and build

After a while the next file
should be linked but thausends of unresoved external

The most missing externals are going to ost::<anything>

I´m tried now 4 days building any kind of commonc++
whithout any

In hope there will come a release candidate which is
able to build on linux with mingw target.

My OS:
Linux/SuSe 8.2. gcc 3.3.3
mingw runtime 3.2



  • David Sugar

    David Sugar - 2004-04-17

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    At one time I used to do this with a special makefile,
    "Makefile.gcc", that is in the w32 directory. A special pre-build
    Makefile was used because configure/libtool scripts had no
    knowledge how to make "dlls" work with mingw32 (either on a
    linux host or even using cygwin), in part because of the generally
    broken and bizarre nature of w32 dll implementation. You can
    look at that makefile and perhaps update it for correct/current
    source files, and it should still work, and it should also give you a
    dll rather than just static link libs that using configure would have
    supported. If you can make w32/Makefile.gcc work with the
    current sources, I would be happy to take your updated version
    of it in for future distributions.

  • David Sugar

    David Sugar - 2004-04-17
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    After downloading the last version cpp2-1.1.3 I was
    able to build without a specific makefile but with some more
    errors which I could
    work around:

    ./configure --target=i386-mingw32 --prefix=/opt/mingw
    --with-mingw --host=i386-mingw32 --build=i386-linux-gnu

    Could not compile the xml.cpp !

    all operations local to untared directory...
    cp /usr/include/iconv.h src
    cp /usr/include/features.h src
    mkdir src/sys
    cp /usr/include/sys/cdefs src/sys
    cp /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h src/sys
    mkdir src/gnu
    cp /usr/include/gnu/stubs.h src/gnu

    Now I was able to compile. If I set a additional include
    path to my
    /usr/include path, the complete compilation breaks much eralier.

    Are you able to provide some mre tests during configure for the
    missing header files to fix the above problem?

    After copiing the above files I was able to compile
    But I have not tested the libs for now :-)

    I need no dll because my actual project should not use any
    dll because
    it must be runable without any kind of installation on the
    target pc.


  • David Sugar

    David Sugar - 2004-04-23

    Logged In: YES

    Right now I am focusing on gcc3.4 issues, for 1.1.5, which is
    going out shortly. But I will look at this issue and see if we can
    change things to improve mingw32 compiles right after that


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