#178 Building by Borland CBuilder on winXP


I try to compile the Common C++ 1.1.1 on my XP today by
BCB 6. But several issues I have got.

Please, see attached patch that I am commenting below.

1. Sequence of the standart header and namespacing in
the fifo.cpp calls the compilation-time errors in the
<sys/types.h> and other system headers. Simple changes
in the fifo.cpp makes compilation clear.

2. Some minor issue in the numbers.cpp in the
realization of the += and -= operators. I think the
'value' variable on the left-side must be 'long'
instead of 'const long'

3. Serial.cpp has been included undefined constants
(this affects while compilation by MSVC6.0)
INVALID_FILE_HANDLE. I have read MSDN and catched
INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE return code for CreateFile().

4. thread.h has non-standart definition checking in
preprocessor code like #if _MSC_VER < 1300 when
_MSC_VER is undefined.
In this case _MSC_VER = 0 and this checking returns true.
I propose to change this to following sentence
#if defined(_MSC_VER) && _MSC_VER < 1300
that is true.

5. missing.h has compile-time errors under BCB due to
absence types and time related functions.
I just have added following into header

#ifdef __BORLANDC__
#include <time.h>

6. install.bat in the w32 directory looks no good for
my XP.
I can not define the directory like "%XXX%/MY" if I
have defined it like set XXX="YYY" previously.
Due to above, main library files is not copied to MSVC
system directory.

7. Also, I have added correct Makefile.bcc for the BCB
6 (as well as for BCB 5).


  • Andy Shevchenko

    Andy Shevchenko - 2004-03-22

    Patch for found issues

  • Andy Shevchenko

    Andy Shevchenko - 2004-03-29

    Logged In: YES

    I need to sorry due to my mistake.

    The attached patch for Makefile.bcc is not correct (I think
    that some compile switches must be added). All other seems
    to be ok.

    I have rebuilt library with a CBuilder Project group and
    Project set.
    However, I try to build the new (1.1.2) version and then I
    shall have attached the *.bpr and *.bpg files here.
    (Now, I have tested the project set with CCXX-1.1.1)


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